Brain Fog? Unproductive? Is it a Vulnerability Hangover?

Jan 15, 2020

Photo credit to Unsplash-Vladislav Muslakov

Legendary Author:  Amanda Deckelbaum


Brené Brown, one of our favorite contemporary scholars, indulges in the curiosities of the human experience and its darker corners. It is in these spaces where the unspoken/shameful rests, secretly impacting our every day and our ability to navigate through life. Her mission, much like ours, is to create a space of empowerment, through the recognition of our flawed existence. One of the concepts she highlights is the idea of a “vulnerability hangover,” and we are digging in, to explore more about this. 

Everyone has had such an experience; waking up the morning after...

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7 Success Principles in Love & Dating

Jan 02, 2020

1.   Be specific in what you are looking for – Like any business, in life you shouldn’t go into something without a vision and a goal. Love is no different. Without a vision, you are heading out blindfolded. Without a goal, there is no strategy. It is for this reason that so much precious time can be wasted in one’s journey in search of love. People wrongly view love as a separate pillar in life along with other pillars like career and friendships, but really love is not a separate pillar. In fact, it is part of the foundation of all those pillars. So allow yourself to start enjoying the creation of your ideal love story...

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