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Coach Mastery 
Mentorship Program

Coaching combined with mentorship is the ONLY way for all coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to skyrocket their results in all aspects of your life.

It's time to reveal your blind spots & blocks and take your business to the next levels!

Grow Your Vision... Get Clear On You Purpose

Discover What Small Steps Will Give You Big Results While Staying In Integrity With Your Heart.  It's Time To Monetize Your Superpower!


Why Work With Me To Move Your Needle?
Heres What Bob Proctor Has To Say...

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Here are more reasons to work with me...

  • I've worked directly with great mentors and thought leaders, including Bob Proctor, and have facilitated in many of Bob's Matrixx events coaching hundreds of clients into massive breakthroughs and emotionally connecting with their dreams and goals.

  • I have 25 years of diverse corporate and finance experience globally in different industries, giving me a deep understanding of a broad scope of people and businesses.

  • Two decades of senior sales and marketing management roles focused on business development, where I trained and coached other professionals on how to build rapport and deeper connections with clients and close deals.

  • My superpower is an acute ability to read people and see blindspots very quickly. I have a proven track record of accelerating people towards their goals because I align people with their truth and hold them accountable to their true selves. This is when the magic starts happening at a rapid-fire pace.

  • My commitment to you and anyone who crosses my path is my absolute truth, openness and honesty... I am a die-hard truth seeker.

I get it... I've been there!  I will show you how I escaped my own traps, broke through my self-imposed ceilings, and built a successful coaching practice while enjoying a fulfilling life of joy and lots of freedom!

Here's your simple solution...

Mentorship is the sure-fire way of breaking through those self-imposed barriers. A Coach Mentor can see what you cannot see and quickly identify your blind spots... we ALL have blind spots. Coaches spend their minutes, hours and days focused on other people's well-being and transformational journey. Every successful coach and/or entrepreneur has a mentor who knows them better than they know themselves. You deserve the same for you! It's time someone has your back!

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I help coaches, consultants & experts like you...

Success Stories...

When I hack your heart, something happens. You are no longer the same.  You are upgraded.  There is no going back.  It feels like magic but all it is is clarity!

Darlene W, Brand Expert

I believe Susan Hum is a game-changer. She is a unique breed, combining the principle of Emotional Intelligence with her own “emotional contagion” and the results lead to a powerful, collaborative experience.

She takes you through a transformative process of clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.  Her coaching leads you towards your goals, big and small, moving you through a process that is 100% results-oriented.

I have made more progress in six months than I have in years combined.

She is transparent, and integral and always makes you feel safe no matter how tough change can be, which is a rare breed.

Lynn P, NLP Coach

Susan has hands down changed my life in so many ways. She has opened my eyes to my blocks in dating and showed me what I needed to do. She isn’t called the LoveHacker for nothing... and it’s more than that. I have taken a few programs that she has offered and I learned so much about myself and how I wanted to live my life!!! I’ve learned to love and appreciate myself more. I started my own business after working a corporate job for more than 18 yrs. She has been instrumental in my personal growth over the last year and I am so happy to have had her as a mentor. Just have a conversation with her and you will be blown away.

Michelle MB, Mindset Coach

Susan captivated me in on our very first call where I knew I had to work with her.  I had been coaching clients for over a year and struggling to charge clients for the value I was delivering.  Within the first month, I was able to increase fees 600%!  Susan has the superpower to get to the heart of people's blocks and is a master at bringing clarity to the emotional and thinking minds.  Within only 2 months, my relationship with money is on fire along with every other aspect of my life!  

Gina R, Empowerment Coach

I had the privilege of being hacked by the LoveHacker herself, Susan Hum, last year! From the moment we met, Susan saw more in me than I had believed in for myself! Susan mentored me in ways that I had not experienced before and quickly my life began to change for the better! Within a few months of working with Susan, a wonderful man with all the qualities I wanted easily showed up in my life which had not come so easy before. Then shortly after,  I manifested my dream career! All of this came as a result of being hacked by Susan and I am forever grateful for the love, the belief, the friendship, and the mentorship that I received from her! Thank you Susan Hum, I will forever stand with you in all that you do!

Here is a bird's-eye view of our 24-week 
Coach Mentorship program ...


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