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Why Work With Susan?


Helping coaches, consultants and experts like you...

  • Attract and Enrol Your Ideal Clients

  • Master Your Money Mindset

  • Market Yourself With Power & Heart

  • Skyrocket Your Confidence, Influence & Impact

  • Build & Manage A Sales Team

  • Adopt A Lead Generation System


Here are more reasons to work with me...

  • I've worked directly with great mentors and thought leaders, including Bob Proctor, and have facilitated many of Bob's Matrixx events coaching hundreds of clients into massive breakthroughs and emotionally connecting with their dreams and goals.

  • I have 25 years of diverse corporate and finance experience globally in different industries, giving me a deep understanding of a broad scope of people and businesses.

  • Two decades of senior sales and marketing management roles focused on business development, where I trained and coached other professionals on how to build rapport and deeper connections with clients and close deals.

  • My superpower is an acute ability to read people and see blindspots very quickly. I have a proven track record of accelerating people towards their goals because I align people with their truth and hold them accountable to their true selves. This is when the magic starts happening at a rapid-fire pace.

  • My commitment to you and anyone who crosses my path is my absolute truth, openness and honesty... I am a die-hard truth seeker.



Unapologetic Coach

Business is everywhere.  Opportunities are abundant.  Everyone out there needs help with something.  But... you are NOT here to help anyone and everyone.  Stand apart from the crowd by identifying your unique gifts and learn to OWN your superpowers so you can stand in your own unique voice.  Self-certainty is the name of the game!


Unapologetically Wealthy

The other struggle that blocks coaches from financial success is a poor relationship with money.  This is a step-by-step guide to show you how to identify those blind spots is often the difference between reading a book and tossing it aside or applying what you’ve learned for MASSIVE results.


Sell Unapologetically
Coaching Program


            COMING SOON!

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