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Unapologetically Wealthy 

The more crystal clear you are about what value you bring to the world, the less competition you will have!


I recently published my ebook on The 5 Simple Ways of Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, which is one of the major blocks impeding life coaches from attracting paying clients.  

The other struggle that blocks coaches from financial success is a poor relationship with money.


There are millions of hours of free content out there teaching people how to make money and exposing us to unlimited opportunities... But for some of us, that isn’t enough.


So many people I know and clients I have worked with burned themselves out from getting overwhelmed with only knowing WHAT to do and not having a clue exactly HOW to do it.


A step-by-step guide to show you how to identify those blind spots is often the difference between reading a book and tossing it aside or applying what you’ve learned for MASSIVE results.


This is why I’d like to share this with you…

My PROVEN Money Mindset Methods That’s Helped Me Achieve 6 Figures In My First Year As An Entrepreneur

I’ve created an easy way to for you to insert my proven methods into your business. 


I call it The Unapologetically Wealthy Masterclass.


This complete step-by-step method will help you unleash your money mind to achieve success and attract more money into your life and to your business.




Money is totally and fully abundant and is nothing more than a means of value exchange between people, groups, companies or countries


The true value of money is based on the value of what is being exchanged. (...This value can be based on physical or emotional)


I have heard way too many coaches say that money is not important to them and that their true desire is to help people...


At the same time, those same coaches are the ones who are merely surviving and struggling to grow their coaching business.


And there are so many blindspots and potholes within our minds when it comes to the subject of money and how our beliefs around money may be the very thing that is blocking us from creating a successful business...


This is why I created this program... so I can shed the light on those blindspots and help you unleash the money mind with ease and grace and achieve financial success through inspired action.

Yes, you heard right. 


If you follow this 8-week course step-by-step...


You WILL elevate your vibration to attract more money and growth into your life and your business.


This is your chance to get the specific insight that I have shared ONLY with my private clients!

If you are serious about your coaching business growth, these points influence your ability to manifest and succeed:​

  • Release your money blocks

  • ​Your relationship with money

  • ​Your vibration for money

  • ​Control your Ego with money

  • ​Know the difference between a poor and healthy money mindset​

Imagine What You Can Do If We Shed Light On What YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW

Once you have unlocked these inner mysteries, you can then take intentional and focused action on creating consistent growth & profits in your coaching business!

Here's what you're getting:

  • Step-by-step training on how to unleash the money mind and attract a consistent flow of money (regardless of the level in your coaching business)

  • ​​Lifetime access to the course (you can go back to it whenever you need it!)

  • ​​Discover THE REASON your money blocks exist & how to eradicate them for good! (Get affirmation scripts that actually work and manifest your desires.)

  • Simple follow-along coaching videos on each module (so you get my expertise coaching in each topic)




Michelle MB, Coach

Susan captivated me in on our very first call where I knew I had to work with her.  I had been coaching clients for over a year and struggling to charge clients for the value I was delivering.  Within the first month, I was able to increase fees 600%!  Susan has the superpower to get to the heart of people's blocks and is a master at bringing clarity to the emotional and thinking minds.  Within only 2 months, my relationship with money is on fire along with every other aspect of my life!  

Success Stories


Lynn P., NLP Mindset Coach

Susan has hands down changed my life in so many ways. She has opened my eyes to my blocks in dating and showed me what I needed to do. She isn’t called the LoveHacker for nothing... and it’s more than that. I have taken a few programs that she has offered and I learned so much about myself and how I wanted to live my life!!! I’ve learned to love and appreciate myself more. I started my own business after working a corporate job for more than 18 yrs. She has been instrumental in my personal growth over the last year and I am so happy to have had her as a mentor. Just have a conversation with her and you will be blown away.


Lumi D., Entrepreneur

Susan is simply outstanding as a human being, coach and mentor. Every person who crosses her path is transformed. She guided me and jumpstarted me by unblocking some deep money and success blocks.  Susan showed me the way to the light when I was all alone, depressed, without any hope. My sense of self-worth skyrocketed and I got so much clarity about my life and the goals I want to accomplish. Today I am debt-free and thriving.  This is EMPOWERMENT and Susan has the gift to bring it out in people.

How Different Will Your Life Be When... have multiple prospective clients submitting applications scrambling to work with you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?


How much MORE money will you make?


How will your life be different if, instead of making a few thousand dollars per month...


You’re making $10K, $15K, or $20K per month… or more??  Even better, with fewer clients??


How will your spouse look at you differently?


What about your friends and family?


What do you think they will say?


It feels amazing, right?!


This is why I’m knocking $3000 off the price of this training (My intensive 5-day Unleash Your Money Mindset in-person workshops are $4997)…


And giving it to you for just $1997.


I know how powerful this approach is, and how painful it is to move through your business with blindfolds which is why I am making it more affordable so more people can become financially abundant sooner than later!  have it.

   Here's A Sneak Peak At The Lessons...   








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Unapologetically Wealthy Masterclass



A little bit about me...
Trusted Life Advisor/Mentor

I am a no-nonsense thought innovator who thrives on simplicity and efficiency, and I hold a black belt in goal achievement.  I am highly strategic in all areas of life with a strong business sense.  I aim to impart my success formula to all female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who want more in life.  Instead of self-help jargon and babble, I use practical everyday language that people are able to grasp and take action that will bring immediate results.

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