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About Me



Master Coach/Mentor

Your level of self-mastery directly impacts your level of influence.  I'm a thought innovator, entrepreneur and self-mastery expert who mentors female coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to take their business to the next levels.  My formalized self-mastery methodology aligns women with their true essence and power so they can level up their confidence and impact on their communities and clients while creating sustainable financial success in their purpose-driven businesses.


Personal excellence is achieved with a focus on revealing blind spots & breaking through blocks/self-imposed limitations in order to accelerate personal and business results to the next levels.  I develop and mentor coaches to become powerful self-leaders. 

I specialize in the area of influence mastery and persuasive communication, with a specific focus on emotional intelligence. My own journey in forming a unique voice and unraveling my personal truth led me to achieve success in all pillars of life – family, career, financial freedom, and most importantly, love and incredible relationships.

My successful track record in helping high achievers build deeper connections with others, and most importantly with themselves, led me to work with some very prominent leaders in business, sports, music, and Hollywood. In 2020, I created the Steel Rose Movement, a conscious leadership platform for women with a mission to unite people and elevate love consciousness in the world by narrowing divisions in society, whether between women, genders, races, cultures, identity preferences, or personal beliefs.

I deeply believe that self-mastery enables us to Influence with Integrity to Impact by loving who we are, what we do and how we do it!

Me behind closed doors...

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