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Welcome to our UNSHAKEABLE community for all women who more and are ready to learn what it takes to achieve everything you desire. It starts with a deep understanding of who you are and what you want. 

Meet Natalie and Susan, two of top experts in the areas of success, love and fitness. Both these women have achieved success in all pillars of life including financial success, family/parenting, love & relationships and of course, optimal body health and fitness, and for the first time, they are combining forces to help more women gain the skillsets and learn the success mindset to have it all. 

Professional Woman

 Love your SELF 

 Wear your confidence with style,   dignity and grace! Power the mind. 

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 Love your WORK 

 Time freedom...learn how to make   it happen! 

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 Love your BODY 

 Ditch the diets!  It's all about   mindset nutrition. 

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 LOVE & Romance 

 Elevate your love vibes to attract   exactly what you want! 

Meet the Unshakeable Duo!




Becoming Unshakeable

4 Day Challenge - FREE

June 3-4-5-6th, 2021 @ 12PM ET/9AM PT

This LIVE event is for you if...

  • in need of a new career or work that is aligned with what you love to do

  • wasting too much time in the dating world with dud dates

  • ready for REAL love with a soul mate

  • craving financial freedom to do the things you want to do in life

  • driven to take your business to the next levels with integrity and dignity

  • tired of being stuck in the same behaviour/pattern that keeps you going five steps forward and ten steps backwards

  • you want to fall in love your mind AND your body

  • you want to have the clarity to make decisions with more certainty



Mindset Teacher/Fitness Expert

I’m Natalie and my greatest strength is helping other ambitious women ditch the weight and regain their vitality, youthful good looks, and their passion for life.

It is my duty to help you become the best version of yourselves and guide you through eye-opening nutrition information along with powerful behavioural mindset tools that reprogram you to instinctively crave what’s good for you and avoid what’s not.

Living the Awesome Body ~ Amazing Life is not as hard as you’ve been made to believe!


The LoveHacker

While Natalie gets your mind/body vibing, I will lead you to fall in love with YOU. Get ready to hack your heart to design the life of your dreams!

I'm Susan, aka The LoveHacker and I am a self mastery expert. I teach people how to excel in life and love through a deep understanding of their emotional intelligence. 

In my own life, I had only ONE ultimate goal, it was life success and that meant having it all –– Love, family, wealth, health while doing what I love in life. FREEDOM on all levels.