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Clients' words about Susan

My name is Susan and I am a Coach Mentor. I teach emotional intelligence. I show and guide you to take charge of your life and live the best version of you. I absolutely love what I do because I am passionate about creating a new construct of how to live your best life and it starts with a whole new way of thinking!

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Josh G, Medical Doctor

“I once sat with one of history's greatest teachers on the inner-workings of the mind for nearly an hour and a half working on my goals. At the end of that conversation, I was left with more questions than answers. Thereafter, I sat with Susan Hum. And in 5 minutes and had more clarity about what I wanted to do than I'd ever had. Susan is not just a coach or motivational speaker. She transcends these terms. She's able to see directly to the core of whatever is blocking a person from their goals, pull it out, show it to the person and put it back unblocked. She'll show you who you really are and when you know that, you'll be able to become whomever you want.” 

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Sherry Nash, The Love Coach

"After years of looking for answers, searching for a way to heal and fix myself I made the decision to work with Susan, and so glad I did.  Susan is a great friend and an amazing master coach. She showed me that I didn’t need fixing. Susan’s ability to draw out the best in people is remarkable and second to none. She sincerely cares about people and always sees their gifts and super powers above all else, and then shows them to you!! I learned more about myself and my positive traits by working with Susan that after just one year I look back and don’t recognize the old me, that’s how huge my transformation has been. And that’s how profound her work is. Thank you, Susan, so very much, for your kindness, patience and loving direction, along with boots in the butt as needed!!! "  

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Debbie M, Finance & Administration

"Two years ago Susan changed my life by offering to help me make a few difficult decision in my personal life.  I was unable to move forward with my life goals, something in the back of my mind was hindering the process. I sat with Susan on two occasions, her insight, her natural gift to see past what I was saying and know what I was feeling was incredible to me.  She pointed me in the right direction, without influencing my decisions, simply guiding me and my subconscious in the direction I needed to go.  She has such an amazing way of connecting on a deep level whether it’s for your personal goals or career goals. Thank you so much Susan, you have a special gift and I am so happy that you shared it with me!"

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Isabelle M., Lawyer

“I’ve been in the online dating scene for many years and have not been able to meet anyone that shared my passions or interests. The men I was meeting were not self-aware or deep enough for me. Within a month of working with Susan and her Love Coaching program, I ventured out again to the online singles scene (the free sites!) and was meeting amazing quality men! I couldn’t believe how fast things can change simply by changing our thoughts. I am now in a committed relationship and I am fully enjoying being in love, for the first time in my life! Thank you Susan!!”  

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Tannaz K., Educator

“Susan clearly know what she’s talking about. She has so much knowledge and is capable of clearly expressing that to her clients. Susan is caring, kind, and genuinely cares about her client’s happiness. She has such great tools and advice to offer. She is a master at manifesting; by simply thinking it or saying it, she is able to manifest with ease. She connects with people on a different level. Her readings are through and accurate. Susan is very intuitive and gives you the information that you need to make the necessary changes in your life. Within the 6 months of coaching with Susan, I quadrupled my income, elevated my career path AND best of all, I am living in my dream city, Los Angeles!! My life has truly transformed... thank you Susan!”

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Jennifer R, Finance Expert

"Susan has an uncanny talent for tuning into you and your deepest (and sometimes hidden) thoughts.  She helps you to tap into yourself, get clarity and really understand, not only the obstacles to your success but also, and more importantly, your potential and what you’re capable of.  She is a true coach in every sense of the word – she knows you (sometimes better than you know yourself), she makes you face your fears, she draws out the talent that is already within you and pushes you over the edge…in the best way possible! She made me, a somewhat non-believer, a BELIEVER!” 

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Luminita D., Life Coach

“Susan has been an angel sent to my life. When I felt completely lost, she was there for me and helped me rediscover my own worth. I now live in full empowerment. The inner journey is a challenge while facing your own fears and overcoming them. Susan is an amazing guide through this journey. I strongly believe that her ability and knowledge to connect with people is a blessing as she is extremely gifted at showing you the way towards your true essence. Susan SEES YOU, the real you, your soul's purpose, your highest potential and knows how to close that gap between where you are right now and where you want to go.” 

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Cheyanna C., Transformational Coach

"Susan, I believe has been a guide sent into my life. She saw and believed that my voice has power, so much power that I’ll influence the world on a grand scale. I had never in my life not only believed that but never actually seen that for myself; but I believed her belief in me! Her presence, passion, love, positivity and authenticity meshes with my spirit and energy. I am truly grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful soul to help guide me in reaching my highest and true potential in this journey called Life. Undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made in my whole 31 years of life to work with Susan to take control over my thoughts which is resulting in taking complete control over my life! Susan, is one of the most knowledgeable, wisest and most real coaches out there who not only knows but masters what she teaches!"

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Valerie M., Financial Planner

“Susan is the master of self-love coaching. Within 5 weeks, she helped me see who I really am and own my greatness which is exactly when I met the love of my life at a café that I frequented. I never would have believed in the Law of Love Attraction but it’s real and it happens fast. Susan sure made it real for me and will help anyone who trusts her to attract The One.” 

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Mehrnaz D., Life Coach

“My decision to work with Susan was the best thing in my life, she is an awesome coach, mentor and clearly understands how the human mind works. I have not met anyone like her who is so passionate, loving and caring at the same time when you need that push she is there to push you. But guess what you simply soar higher after overcoming your fear and the best part is she is standing right beside you, lifting you up in case you are about to fall. Since meeting and working with Susan I have changed my thinking tremendously and I am moving forward and upwards living the life of my dreams. So ever grateful for having her as a friend and coach. You most certainly want to work with the BEST and Susan Hum is the BEST.”

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Peter H, Entrepreneur

"Diagnosing oneself is never easy and thus, finding gems like Susan to help us find ourselves to achieve peak performance is a godsend.  Her work is not purely about motivational adjustments nor is it purely about change of behavior.  It’s about searching and correcting the misaligned subconscious with our mind and finding that equilibrium where mind and subconscious come together to drive our actions and direct our energy in ways which become one with the environment.  I now have the true belief that I can acquire and achieve whatever I want in my life.  Susan has a natural gift to connect to anyone she comes in contact with and her depth of experience in helping others ‘find’ themselves speak volumes for itself in the people she’s helped in her life.  Keep an open mind, seek out Susan’s counsel, and I guarantee you, you will see results almost immediately.  Life is a journey and we all need someone to guide us through life’s peaks and valleys.  My life has changed significantly through Susan’s guidance and I don’t have enough words to thank her for giving me a new life at this point in my life!  We love you Susan!”.

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Sandrine Ferst, Artist

"Big smile, laughing eyes and a great sense of humour has you feeling at ease within the first 5 minutes of meeting Susan. Which in my book is always a major plus when you are embarking on a spiritual journey and asking someone to guide you along the way. You want someone you can trust, is passionate about what they are doing and who really knows what they are doing. You certainly get that with Susan. She is truly gifted and so amazing to work with. Thank you Susan for everything you have done for me, you have given me a lot of insight and guidance to take with me on my journey of self-transformation. Love you lots & lots!!'"

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Daniele S., Financial Coach

"I met Susan a few months ago as we were taking a class together and right there and then I wanted to work with her.  It felt so right to have Susan read my numerological chart, I have had it done in the past but never that precise and concise.  She took the time to explain and hear me out.  The accuracy of the reading is spectacular.  Congratulations Susan for following your heart, intuition and thank you for your excellent work."

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Mike D., Recovery Specialist

"Susan is a natural coach and facilitator. Her ability to connect and engage is second to none. Susan's subtle, supportive and direct approach has helped me find solutions where I thought none were possible. Where I was frustrated with my circle thoughts and not moving forward Susan offered new processes in my life that has helped me immensely. She has enabled me to transform my life and I am forever grateful."