Elevate your love frequency.

Become the magnet in this big haystack of love & dating! 

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."


People hire business coaches to create a business plan... there is no difference when it comes to matters of the heart... it takes a LOVEHACKER to help you see what you don't see and reveal what you don't know what you don't know.


My name is Susan Hum and I am The Love Hacker. I look at the journey to finding love like running a business. There is a vision, a CLEAR goal, a strategy and a SWOT analysis for the heart. Let me guide you towards putting your Love Plan together and help you define your blueprint so you can save time and avoid unnecessary heartache!

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Love Blindspot

Reveal your unique blocks and limiting beliefs so you can move forward with clarity, grace and ease. We focus on getting you aware of what is lurking in your blindspot that is hindering you from seeing your ideal love.

Your Love Code

We are all born with a unique internal GPS in our heart that enables us to attract love with ease, however, there is a code we need to crack to access this code. We will identify your code giving you the blueprint to love.

Be the Love Magnet

We don't have to accept struggle and that includes how we navigate through the dating world. Be the magnet in the haystack and learn to attract only what you want - there is no time to waste digging through a garbage dump!

I completely understand that it can be exhausting to endure repeated disappointments and breakups in the world of dating but at the same time, you do NOT want to spend the rest of your life alone. Here's the good news ... you DO HAVE CHOICES and there IS a definable blueprint that helps you navigate and take charge of your journey to finding love!  


  • Your thoughts create your reality?

  • Your perceptions/beliefs become your attitude?

  • You become the boss of your environment?

  • All you see are amazing men & women who are compatible and desirable and all you have to do is choose the best one?

In our online Masterclass, I will help you better understand your struggles, heal past traumas from relationships and change old patterns to manifest better quality love into your life. 

We truly believe EVERYONE should be in love and be loved on the most meaningful level! It's time take the RIGHT actions where your results will be in your favor... let's make love inspiring and dating fun again!!



Business Coach

Thank you Susan Hum for the beautiful difference you have made in my life. Through your coaching, I allowed in the most incredible relationship that I would have otherwise never considered. Your coaching challenged me to reexamine what I really wanted in a partner and when I had the clarity I so needed, the right partner showed up within a week. We've been together for over a year and he and I have enjoyed the most wonderful journey.  I have joy in my heart and a beautiful ring on my finger - thank you, you are amazing!


Software Engineer

Susan has an amazing mastery of the art and science of love coaching. With deep intuitive guidance and knowledge, she helped me gain tremendous clarity on what I needed in my love and relationship life. I was able to see my blockages and fears which held me back from my relationship goals. She also helped me dig deep within myself to see my own self-worth and the value I bring to myself and my potential partners. This was a monumental shift in my consciousness and life, which led to the manifestation of a partner within three weeks. I highly recommend Susan and her brilliant life-changing work to anyone serious about love and living life fully."


Monique, Photography

Being coached by Susan was my much needed kick in the bum. Not only did it jolt me into action but it lifted the fog that used to keep me in my head, stuck in the house and away from men. I thought I knew it all and could figure things out by myself. What really changed everything for me was implementing the idea of exploration. The best way for me to approach things was to take the first step, stay close to my core beliefs, expect wonderful new insights and simply watch my life unfold. Dating used to make me anxious but Susan helped me fine tune, find a balance, and now it is one of my biggest sources of inspiration and growth. I am not afraid to voice what it is that I want and people really dig that. 



Medical Doctor

I once sat with one of history's greatest teachers on the inner-workings of the mind for nearly an hour and a half working on my goals. At the end of that conversation, I was left with more questions than answers. Thereafter, I sat with Susan Hum. And in 5 minutes and had more clarity about what I wanted to do than I'd ever had. Susan is not just a coach or motivational speaker. She transcends these terms. She's able to see directly to the core of whatever is blocking a person from their goals, pull it out, show it to the person and put it back unblocked. She'll show you who you really are and when you know that, you'll be able to become whomever you want.

Success Stories