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Meet Susan Hum

Master Coach | Mentor | Entrepreneur

Susan Hum is an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you align with the person you are and most want to be. She gives power to imagination in a way that you will want to act accountable for your own life because here there are NO limitations.

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Susan's Story



What People Are Saying About Susan!

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Mehrnaz D., Life Coach

Meeting Susan was the best thing in my life , she is an awesome coach, mentor and clearly understands how the human mind works. I have not met anyone like her who is so passionate, loving and caring at the same time when you need that push she is there to push you. But guess what you simply soar higher after overcoming your fear and the best part is she is standing right beside you, lifting you up incase you are about to fall. Since meeting and working with Susan I have changed my thinking tremendously and I am moving forward and upwards living the life of my dreams.So ever grateful for having her as a friend and coach.You most certainly want to work with the BEST and Susan Hum is the BEST.

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Josh G, Medical Doctor

“I once sat with one of history’s greatest teachers on the inner-workings of the mind for nearly an hour and a half working on my goals. At the end of that conversation, I was left with more questions than answers. Thereafter, I sat with Susan Hum. And in 5 minutes I had more clarity aboout what I wanted to do than I’d ever had. Susan is not just a coach or motivational speaker. She transcends these terms. She’s able to see directly to the core of whatever is blocking a person from their goals, pull it out, show it to the person and put it back unblocked. She’ll show you who you really are and when you know that, you’ll be able to become whomever you want.”

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Tannaz K, Educator

“Susan clearly know what she’s talking about. She has so much knowledge and is capable of clearly expressing that to her clients. Susan is caring, kind, and genuinely cares about her client’s happiness. She has such great tools and advice to offer. She is a master at manifesting; by simply thinking it or saying it, she is able to manifest with ease. She connects with people on a different level. Her readings are through and accurate. Susan is very intuitive and gives you the information that you need to make the necessary changes in your life. Within the 6 months of coaching with Susan, I quadrupled my income, elevated my career path AND best of all, I am living in my dream city, Los Angeles!! My life has truly transformed... thank you Susan!”

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Debbie M, Manager

Two years ago Susan changed my life by offering to help me make a few difficult decisions in my personal life.  I was unable to move forward with my life goals, something in the back of my mind was hindering the process. I sat with Susan on two occasions, her insight, her natural gift to see past what I was saying and know what I was feeling was incredible to me.  She pointed me in the right direction, without influencing my decisions, simply guiding me and my subconscious in the direction I needed to go.  She has such an amazing way of connecting on a deep level whether it’s for your personal goals or career goals. Thank you so much Susan, you have a special gift and I am so happy that you shared it with me!  


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