Be seen, be heard... BELONG

Women leading with the strength of steel, the grace of a rose and love with dignity.

“DIVERSITY is a seat at the table,

INCLUSION is having a voice and

BELONGING is having that voice be heard”

Liz Fosslien & Mollie West Duffy

Self Mastery Studio

Founded in 2020, Steel Rose is a movement and conscious leadership platform for all women who are inspired to create the life of their dreams and collectively elevate each other to become better versions of self.  Our mission is to elevate love consciousness in the world by narrowing all divides in society, whether between women, men and women, races or cultures, identity preferences or personal beliefs.  

Steel Rose defines a woman who has overcome life's greatest challenges and emerges with the inner strength to thrive under any condition and environment. The Circle of Love is our community of enlightened women who promote the art of giving, ensuring that every single woman is seen, is heard and has a true sense of belonging.  Live a life with the strength of steel, the grace of a rose and love with dignity.

Our philosophy is based on conscious leadership and inspiring women to become true role models, demonstrating that empowered giving always wins in life.  Our approach to life success and fulfillment fosters an I win—You win life strategy.  We empower women of all cultures to unite, and to inspire and support one another to achieve their greatest dreams by leading with love, grace and dignity.

Conscious Sisterhood

Impact Partners


You make a difference. Transform the world, one goal at a time.   TOGETHER, we can empower women globally!


Protect our children initiatives. Creating a new construct for our youths' future based on love, trust and integrity.


Developing Steel Roses worldwide to be role models for all women to never always go for their dreams!

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