The moment I realized I needed to go back to school

Hey! I just want to talk a little bit about my thoughts on education.

From a very young age I was told to not speak up, not to voice my thoughts, not to exert my power. I was told to stay under the radar. Since I was born to want more, I was born to want to be big and loud, I became really angry. Super angry. I fought everything that was imposed upon me: rules, regulations, instructions, culture. I fought every system structure. I basically went haywire in my teenage years.

When it comes to school, I graduated from high school, I went into college, and I swear to god, I went to school every day, 4:30, but I played cards every day because I hated to have to stick to a structure or system, and I ended up failing everything when I was in college. I'm thinking, "What a waste of time!" Literally. I went for a year, and I actually decided, "You know what? I'm going to drop out of college. I'm just going to go to work."

Well, you see, I never thought I needed school. When I was a young age, I never felt like I needed school. I felt like I could do anything in my life, why should I have to go through that system? That's what I've always believed.

When I went out and got a job, my first job... You're going to die of laughter. My first job, my first sales job, I was selling jeans, and I got fired after three weeks. Literally, after three weeks, I got fired because I couldn't lie. If somebody didn't look good in a pair of jeans, I couldn't tell them that they did. Even if the commissions were higher, I just couldn't.

So anyways, needless to say, my first sales job, I got fired. Then I ended up working at an insurance company where there was racism. There was a lady I was working for, and somehow she didn't like Chinese, because she kept making these derogative remarks about Chinese, and the culture, and so on, and just didn't treat me very nicely. So, after eight months, I said, "Forget it. I'm actually going to go back to school and finish."

I did a four-year in medical technology because I figured, "Well, that's an easy way to make a lot of money." I chose a program that would make me a lot of money. That's hilarious, right?

So anyway, when I graduated, I went out to work in the hospitals. I wanted to go to university, but I thought, again, it was going to restrict me from the freedom to go out there and make something of myself. So you know what? I left to Hong Kong, and I went there without a university degree. I never thought I was going to be able to get a job, but I had to go. I had to prove to myself, regardless of what everybody was telling me... Everybody was saying, "Without an education, you can't get anywhere in this world. You need that." But I did it anyways, and I wanted to prove that I can.

The one thing that worked for me, my saving grace, was my ability to build relationships, and to build trusting, honest relationships with people. With key people, and found my way through their heart so that that's my way to success, because I didn't have the backing of a certificate or an education.

But you know the crazy thing is, when I was in Hong Kong, without that education behind me, no one even asked me if I was a university graduate, or whether I was an MBA graduate. Nobody asks me. It's almost like... Because in my mind, I was just playing in my head that I am one of them. I am equal. I just played it over, and over, and over again in my head, that I am everyone's equal. The crazy thing is no one asked me, and I was hanging around with very successful people, with university degrees, MBAs, and it was just incredible how I was able to build the relationship and find that connection with everybody regardless of what I have or what I don't. You see?

When I left Asia, I was 32 years old. When I left Asia, I decided to come back. And finally, at the height of my career, I was making a lot of money at that time, and I decided to give it all up. I came back, and I went back to school. I went back to university and finally did do my university degree. I got my finance degree after two years. But you know what? I made the decision to do it because, first of all, I did make a success of myself without it, and now I do really put a lot of emphasis on a formal education. I never was against it. It was a matter of timing on when I did it.

I chose when I was going to do it, and I came back at 32, did my finance degree, and now I have my university degree. And I did other education after that.

But that's my story. I just want to tell people that if you want to do something, in your heart, and you want to do something regardless of what everybody else thinks, go and do it. If you think education's important, do it at your timing. And that's what I have to say about education.

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