Hell YES to wanting success!

You need to be successful… Isn’t this what we all hear everywhere we go? Whether it be in business or in life, what I have found from my experience is that the moment the word “successful” is used, there is some negative kick-back. When did the word “successful” become bad or negative!?

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Let’s explore how a word can cause such visceral reactions from people. We have now created a world where to strive for something or the drive to succeed may be a bad thing? We live in the age of mindfulness and a strong movement towards a living holistic lifestyle. Our world has swung to the other side of the pendulum where “to want” may not be such a great thing.

I’m all for balance. Though there is a defined meaning of any word, it is still too broad. The dictionaries don’t really take into account the emotions a simple word can trigger and this can greatly affect the meaning or connation of a word influenced by one’s perception and beliefs.

Getting back to “successful”, what is so bad about it? Success is living a life of fulfillment and purpose. I define my own success as attaining a happy balance in love, happiness, relationships, family, passions and living a life filled with purpose. Yes, we can have it all but don’t be fooled, there is a lot of inner work to be done.

There is nothing wrong with anyone wanting success or to be successful. We need to stop judging those who are visionaries and want more out of life just as much as we can’t judge those who are content. The only prerequisite to any level of success is that we are giving back to and/or helping the world and the environment, in whatever way we deem fit. Hell YES to wanting success!

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