Happy in depression

Depression can be a really scary thing.

I want to tell you a story about Joan, a few years ago, a client I worked with. She was a single mom, 40 years old with a five-year-old child and I met her at a course, a few months back. She had remembered me that I was the only person that was able to see her truth and when she called me, she begged me to come talk to her cause she had nobody else to turn to and she was really in such a dark place and she has a five year old son. So I did. I showed up and I went to see her and she lived in this dingy as part of town but what was even more compelling was when she opened that door, there was the saddest, darkest energy that slapped me in the face. And which was really sad because for me, I saw her, I looked at her and she's such a beautiful person with so much desire, but yet had no life to her. So when I walked in, I noticed that the home was not cared for. I know that there was a very depressive energy around it because there was nothing beautiful about the place, not even an attempt to be beautiful. Her son was playing in the corner by himself and he seemed relatively happy. He was singing to himself, talking to himself. So I went right into it and I started really getting an inventory of what is really going on in her mind. She started describing the challenges that she's facing with the child's father, the toxic relationship that she has there. She was on sick leave because of depression from abuse from her superiors and colleagues at our workplace. Even worse, every person that she had trusted in her life had blindsided or disappointed her, to the point where she even took out a really big loan and leveraged herself to the max to give that money to another single mom who she felt needed that help and then that person stopped paying her back. So now she's stuck with a heavy loan. So I said to myself, I will give up to the hour to see if I could get her to actually number one, find one positive thing, a goal in her life, that she wants to work on and that if I couldn't get her to that point, then I wouldn't be able to work with her. Within the hour, we did. We found that one thing that lit that fire in her and it was an opportunity to go and be self-employed that came to her a few weeks back that she couldn't even reconcile with until this point when we found some clarity. My name is Susan Hum and I am The Master of Clarity. I can wipe away all those layers of confusion created by these limiting thoughts in your head that has hidden away the gold mind of clarity. So when we unraveled that goal, that really lit her fire. Six months later, she completely changed her life around. She took control of her life. She started her own business. She started making money. She even took up another job that helped her pay off the loan and started paying that off. That empowerment gave her the fire to ultimately months later become one of my coaches. I mentored her to become one of my coaches, this the power of clarity, the clarity that brings you to that point where you can set yourself on fire again, be motivated by everything inside of you. So let me help you find that fire. That's what I'm really good at.

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