Defining what we REALLY want

Let’s reflect on achieving nothing. Sounds sort of silly, doesn’t it? Reminds me of times when we while away a lazy summer day in a hammock, or cuddle up on the couch with a blanket on a blustery winter evening. Those tranquil moments can be hugely beneficial, giving us a break and helping to recharge the energy required to tackle our daily lives, but they tend to be low on the productivity scale.

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But what if we want to achieve something? Achieving nothing seems pretty straightforward, but doesn’t achieving something imply that there must be limits? If that is where your mind is taking you – stop! You are heading down a path of limited achievement, and, to make it worse, you chose the path!

The reality is that we can achieve whatever we want. We simply have to want something enough and drive towards accomplishing it (there is a reason we say that successful people have “drive” and are “real go-getters”). Now you may be thinking that there are all sorts of impediments to your achieving certain things, such as available resources. But aren’t you simply heading down that same path, which ultimately limits your possible achievements?

Think of great accomplishments through history (e.g. transoceanic navigation, people on the moon), and realize that these accomplishments started with a vision of achieving the goal. Since they hadn’t been done before, and there was no “guide book” as to how it should be done, a great deal of open-minded ingenuity was required. But be sure of one thing: the people who realized these amazing accomplishments didn’t doubt that it was possible. They knew that they would achieve the goal.

Often successful people with what others might call an ambitious project are unsure as to where the resources needed to accomplish it will come from, but that doesn’t stop them. It may take a great deal of effort to enlist the support of others and to marshal the required resources, but that is simply part of the achievement process. People with more limited views can be incredulous as to what is achieved; their limited views as to what is possible (for them) determine their reaction.

So the choice is ours to make. If you decide to achieve something, don’t impose limits. Determine what you really want, and go for it. If you apply yourself properly, and eliminate those doubts that may try to creep into your mind, you really can achieve anything at all.

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