Before & After My Whole Journey with My Weight

I'll tell you a funny, funny story about weight loss and my whole journey with my weight.

You see, in my twenties, I remember I was working for a fitness spa, and they were an exclusive spa that was super expensive to get in. A lot of the movie stars and very rich, affluent people would be holding memberships at this spa, and this was in Hong Kong. So I got a job there as the administrative assistant. I was 24 years old. And guess what? I became friends with all the senior managers, with all of senior management, because these managers were all from different parts of the world. We were all foreigners in Hong Kong, so we became really close. What happened is one of the management team, the sales director, asked me, "Susan, do you want to be in our before and after campaign for weight loss?" Because that spa was selling not only exercise in a gym, but they were selling all these different slimming treatments, all these cellulite removing treatments that were super expensive, and massage and so on. So I said, "Well, yeah, for sure. I'll be the before and after model." I mean, I wasn't obese. I'm five eight and a half. I was probably about 160 pounds at that time. So I could get away with it. I wasn't skinny, but in Hong Kong, that is not ... that is what you call overweight. Right? Because in Hong Kong, all the Asian girls are very small. So when I'm 160 pounds, even though I'm fit, it was still overweight. Anyway, so they chose me as their model, and it was a before and after campaign for eight months. So what happens, they took the photos and the before pictures and with these leotards and these tights and I'm like, "Oh, geez." I mean, I know I'm not overweight, but I don't wear that type of thing. Anyway. So we took all the pictures and we were ready to go. Every day for months and months and months, I would get into work. They would put me in a treatment for an hour in the morning. Then I would start my work. At lunchtime, I would go into another slimming treatment, all these electrodes and the cellulite removing massage machines. I mean, you name it, everything. So I went through this for months. They even controlled what I ate in the day at the health juice bar, because they wanted to make sure that ... but guess what? Months later ... and I avoided getting checked in or anything like that, like getting weighed in and getting checked in and everything. After about seven months, the sales director says, "Oh my God, Susan, we have to weigh you in. We have to do all the before and after now, because we're running out of time for the campaign." I said, "Oh, don't worry about it. Don't worry. I think I gained a little bit, but it's okay. It doesn't show." She says, "No, we're going to go into the gym. We're going to do all the weigh-in. We're going to do all the measurements." And I hopped onto that scale. I was shocked. I thought I was 170 pounds because I knew I gained a little bit of weight. So I figured 160 something to 170 wasn't so bad, especially when I'm that tall. But, oh my God, I was 192 pounds. Literally 192 pounds. I did not realize I had gained that much weight. I was shocked. And she was even more shocked. So, guess what? We had to do some really big troubleshooting right there because I obviously can't lose the weight in a month. So, guess what? They took the before pictures and turned it after. So that's the story of my failure in weight loss or failure in these expensive treatments. It did not work for me because I was partying at night and drinking a lot of alcohol and just completely abusing myself and partying.

So, that's my story, what not to do in weight loss.

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