Becoming More Aware of Your Thoughts will Help You in Your Life

I want to tell you guys a story about how powerful our thoughts are.

This happened to me back in 2018, this was like two years ago. This is how powerful. I was working on a conference as one of the coaches and I had my table. We had a table of seven and I remember we were talking about the subject of what is it that we want to contribute to the world, right? As a coach, I let everybody go ahead and they talked about what they wanted to change in the world and somebody from the table said, "Well, Susan, what is it that you want to contribute to the world?" and I said, "I actually want to help everybody in the world be seen, be heard, and be loved. That's really important to me only because it pains me to see everybody's suffering in the world because they're not being heard. People are feeling very lonely and they're not hearing anybody. For real." I remember at that point, a woman was sitting across from me and she gave me this dirty look and she just completely said something to me that was completely wrong. She said, "Well, that's your problem and this is not everybody else's problem, so if that's what you see, then you need to change something inside of yourself." I thought at that moment, "Hmm. I don't usually get rejected in that way," so when that happens to me, I say to myself, "Okay, what did I just do in the last little while where I would have caused somebody to reject me or to say something that misunderstood to me?" I was thinking, within seconds, my brain, how it goes is I go back and back and back and I'm thinking, "Oh, my goodness, a half an hour before, I remember walking up to the table with my clients all in front of me and I sat down and I looked at this lady and there was a fleeting thought and all I thought was, "Oh, crystals. Crazy crystals. This lady must be into that stuff." I must've had a fleeting thought of something negative and I judged her, right, because she had some crystals with her and that's what she's into, right? Anyway, I thought, "Oh, jeez, I created this person to reject me and whatever I'm saying or to have resentment towards me," so then within seconds I switched up the thought, I thought, "This is ridiculous. I don't think that of her and I only put her in the most beautiful light and the person that she is beautiful inside." Guess what? The rest of the day, she turned, she became friendly, and for the rest of the conference, for the next three days, we were friends. Everywhere I was, she was, and guess what? She became a very important client to me afterwards. To this day, I would talk about that event of what happened and she would be floored because she said, "I would never do that to you, Susan. That is just incredible. I don't ever remember doing it to you." You see, the crazy thing is I could have easily said, "Well, these crazy people, oh, my goodness. Yes, yes, every person that loves crystals is crazy," and I would have created a crazy story. How many people do that, where you create a whole story around why somebody was not nice to you? But instead, it was me that created that event to happen. It's so powerful. Instantaneously, when we take accountability for what we do, we can create whatever world we want. It's just incredible how she didn't even remember and she was floored by the fact that she could actually do that to me. The next time I ever had that happen to me, I always think it's not about that person, it's about me. It's not me being wrong, it's like just being totally aware and present about what we think of every day all day long and switch those thoughts and you'll see your world being a much better place.

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