Are you STRESSED because you simply do NOT know what to do?

Hey, are you approaching 40 and feeling very scared because at this point you still don't have any idea of where you want to go and what you want to be in your life?

Or do you spend your time hoping for clarity, reading every self-help book there is in the market, spending hours and hours watching YouTube videos and even worse, spending all your money on personal development programs profit promising you self-love and happiness only to find yourself more confused than you ever have been? Well, the way the mind works is that the more information you have, if you don't have clarity, it just takes up a lot of room in your head, and then you start having these thoughts of kicking yourself because all of the time you're wasting, being hard on yourself because of what you haven't done right. What if we could actually learn how to measure our true value? What if you can build a whole new state of self-confidence where you can be just changing the conversations in your own head? I'm Susan Hum, and I have spent years being ridiculed for standing up for what I believe, being laughed at for being unapologetically me, and even worse at the age of 30, I was making half a million dollars as a top executive and still, I didn't know my own self-worth. I didn't know my value to the world. So today, I promise I will show you and teach you how I went from that to owning who I am today and knowing fully my value and what I have to offer to the world. And I stand strong on that. And that I promise you, I will show you.

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