Achieving everything we want in life. Is there a plan? Do we plan?

Updated: Feb 20

I never really was able to do a life plan. I had a life goal, I had a life dream. But in business, I did have a business plan. I had a goal, a plan, the strategies, and then execution. But in life, I couldn't even apply it. At the age of 25, all I wanted was to retire by the age of 50, be financially abundant, be free, and be in love with somebody that I could share the rest of my life with. That's what I wanted at the age of 25. I didn't have any of that, I didn't even have more than a thousand dollars in my bank account. How can I plan? I had no idea what it looks like. And also, I felt that planning of my life felt like it was so limiting because I was living for potential opportunities and those magical moments when the opportunities pop up without you even knowing how anything was going to come across your way. I love those magical moments, I got addicted to them. So how can I plan them? So I set off, and that's all I did. I set off to be the most successful person I can be while I'm waiting for the one and seeing the one to come right in front of my face. 10 years, I was out there building my career, building my own skills. Self-mastery, getting to know myself. Everything, because I never met the one in those 10 years. So when I actually did achieve everything I wanted to achieve, on my own, I met the one. But I never stopped looking. I planned to meet the one, I just didn't plan out the details and how I was going to go there. My strategy was to achieve my own self-mastery and my own success, just in case.

My name is Susan Hum, and that's what I do. I have mastered the art of uncertainty, of finding certainty in uncertainty, finding structure where there's no structure at all. To tap into your heart, and to know what's about to come, without needing to know-how. And I can help you tap back into your heart and connect with that knowingness because that's what I consider living, and that's what all my clients love. The fact that I can handhold him, handhold everybody through those dark times. Because I can see the end, they can't. And that's the most exciting thing that I love to do.

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