7 Success Principles in Love & Dating

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

1.   Be specific in what you are looking for – Like any business, in life you shouldn’t go into something without a vision and a goal. Love is no different. Without a vision, you are heading out blindfolded. Without a goal, there is no strategy. It is for this reason that so much precious time can be wasted in one’s journey in search of love. People wrongly view love as a separate pillar in life along with other pillars like career and friendships, but really love is not a separate pillar. In fact, it is part of the foundation of all those pillars. So allow yourself to start enjoying the creation of your ideal love story and start imagining what life would look like when you can share your life and successes with a significant other.

2.    Let love come to you – The reason most people avoid love is because they are tired of one disappointment after another in the world of dating. They are tired of all of the time that is spent swiping online and trying to figure out when and where they can meet people. It is time to stop “looking” for it. Love is not just a feeling to be felt, it is an action that needs to be learned. Love attraction is really an art and it is important to learn how to align fully your feeling of “love” with your actions and behaviours. This is where true manifestation lies and where your innate ability to attract can work like a gem. Isn’t it so much better for your true love to just appear in front of you when you are sitting in a coffee shop or buying vegetables at a grocery store?

3.    Be selective in where you socialize – If you have on your list that you would like to meet like-minded people, then choose very carefully where you spend your time socializing. For example, many of my peers choose to connect with others who are passionate about personal growth. For them, one of the greatest opportunities to meet potential love is a personal development event. You may want to meet someone in the same industry or who enjoys the same activities as you. Also, be very intentional in the types of friends you spend your time with. Don’t forget, time is precious!

4.    Learn to connect and communicate – Conscious communication is one of the key principles of successful dating. It is only logical that if you are looking for meaningful connections that you learn how to have meaningful conversations. But first you have to have followed the previous points. You also have to be able to communicate as friends. Dating is not an interview. You need to have open conversations. Enjoy getting to know another human being; through that you will get your answers of whether you are right for one another or not.

5.    Manage expectations – The biggest mistake I see people making is going into a date with the hope that “this is it”. It is actually more important that you walk in with the intention of not only getting to know the other person but getting to know more of yourself in the process. Don’t expect the other person to “sell you” what they have to offer you. It is equally important for you to make a positive impression as well. So enjoy the time as friends and see where that goes. The chemistry will be easier to detect with that relaxed mindset.

6.    Be happy just being you – The journey to successful love has an even greater benefit, which is finding yourself. With self-love you will be equipped to attract someone of equal vibration to share a conscious relationship with.

7.    Don’t be a delusional optimist – Once you know exactly what you want, and that includes your list of the qualities your ideal partner should embody, you need to respect the boundaries of that list (which is simply respecting the boundaries of what you want). If you are dating someone who is not quite what you want as a life partner, do not hold onto the hope of them becoming someone you really want. Equally, don’t try to be a person that you are not. When it comes to meaningful conscious love, self-love is only achieved by sticking to our values, our principles and, most importantly, our integrity. So acknowledge where you come from, accept fully who you are today, and embrace loving who you are becoming with an open heart to receive love fully.

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