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Susan Hum is a Proctor Gallagher Certified Consultant and a Mind Mastery Success Coach who has 25 years of experience in helping people transform and break through life’s barriers. Her ability to be attuned to her clients’ unique strengths has been the major contributor to her Coaching success. Her significant scope of business experience in North America and Asia span from Health and Fitness, to Sales & Marketing and Financial Services/Stock Markets have given her the strong Corporate abilities to work with people at all levels achieve great success in their life.All that Susan teaches has been successfully applied to every area of her own life. Her deep belief is that we can have it ALL and that means success in ALL aspects of life. She achieved, not only her own financial freedom in her 30s, but she has excelled in business, love and relationships and family. She passionately teaches others to do the same thing by unleashing one’s full potential to become who they want to be by changing the way one thinks and shifting their paradigms.She has repeatedly made the impossible possible in her own life and she has the simple formula to guide you to do the same!

Gabrielle Doyon Hanson


Gabrielle Doyon Hanson aka Gabriella Hook (her stage name)  is most certainly a major force to be reckoned with in the world of inspiration. A talented singer-songwriter who got a record deal at the age of 22 and trained to be a professional dancer. But, her world came crashing down when she survived a life threatening attacked that resulted into her being raped for the second time at the age of 28.

This traumatic event lead to two years of seclusion from society where she underwent recovery through intense therapy, healing and self awareness work. Throughout this time of struggling through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and crawling her way out of the darkness of complete distrust in the world and herself, she always maintained that glimpse of hope knowing that somehow their was a reason why she survived and she had to keep moving day by day to discover what it was.

In 2018, she was ready to conquer the world with her new self and she was presented with a job opportunity for a virtual assistant role with an amazing new startup online dating platform called LoveinSync. It really was love at first sight from the interview. Not only was this the most incredible opportunity for Gabi to slowly get back into the workforce, but she is now working within the most supportive and loving environment fostering only empowerment, inspiration and love. In April 2019, she officially stepped into her dream job as Creative Director for Legendary Lifestyle, Gabi has proven that dreams do come true and all we have to do is focus on what we desire! Follow Gabi as she guides you through your darkest times with full compassion and LOVE!

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Amanda Lou our account manager is our connector. She believes in the deep integration of emotional intelligence and structured decision making. Amanda believes in constant kind reprogramming of the mind, through active living, all with ease.

Amanda’s background includes everything from working within the fashion industry in marketing, the art industry in gallery curation and administration, to academic research in feminism and queer theory. Her ability to grasp large and abstract concepts and be able to break them down in detailed plans, that are authentic and integrated within her worth is her strength. Where you find confusion, Amanda finds curiosity and solutions.

Amanda is also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. Here she finds tools to help guide us through life with a calm understanding of the balance between transition and assertion. Amanda’s deep passion for meditation, Hatha Yoga and various Eastern teachings, has proved to be a helpful lesson in leading through kindness and understanding. She has the ability to make far-out ideas seem tangible and manageable. More so, Amanda’s greatest strength is her depth of understanding when it comes to human relationships and emotionality. She has a keen sensibility for emotional awareness and can thus translate her intuitive knowledge in your direction, to help you gain clarity in next steps. If you can trust this chic, magic’s coming your way.

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Maggie is a free spirit who is hungry for freedom to live a life filled with passion and love! From a young age, Maggie has always believed in magic and was taught to manifest anything she wants in life. However, dark times hit at the age of 14 leading her through years of fighting depression and feeling totally alone. Outgoing, lovable and so caring of others, Maggie has finally found freedom to express love in a safe space. Her journey of finding her voice again is incredible and we can't wait for you to know more about how she overcame extremely toxic relationships to only being surrounded by magical people who care!

Today, Maggie is a Creative Assistant bringing in a fresh new creativity to Susan's brand.

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