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So where are all the good men??  HERE!!

For the last 10 years, all I've been asked is "Where are all the good men??".  So many empowered and smart women struggle with continuous bad dates or are exhausted with ongoing unfulfilling and toxic relationships.  

I am the LoveHacker and I am developing a community of conscious men and women seeking to connect for love through high-vibed and inspirational communication.  

Think dating meets matchmaking within an ego-regulated online community.  

Think about a safe place where you can go and get immediate advice and guidance on how to deal with everyday relationship or marital challenges.

What makes this even more unique??  I'm taking the word "dating" out of the equation.  I am creating communities where both men and women can grow and heal individually while learning how to integrate and unify.


This is a community that fosters mutual respect and people who value learning and who seek to understand (not to be right).  

This is MUCH more than simple swiping based on UNREAListic pictures and BS profile descriptions.  It's about WHO we are, HOW we feel about ourselves and the world, and most importantly, about life.  This is personal development and conscious communication all in one bubble. 


We all share one core value here and that is PERSONAL GROWTH.  This is where people come together to inspire one another and CONNECT in the most conscious way.  

My mission is to create POWER COUPLES who are empowered as individuals and yet are ready to combine efforts to manifest and realize the vision of their combined dreams!

Shining the light on the hearts of GOOD MEN!

with no-holds-barred and open-hearted round-table conversations about what good men are all about and what it takes to connect with their hearts!

This is where we dive deep into what empowered women are really all about, what they need (yes, contrary to popular beliefs, we DO have needs!!), and how to understand us.  

Good men seek to understand and this is where we will have emotionally intelligent and raw discussions around all matters of the heart!



Together creating and building conscious connections and marriages

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