Ready to Party

Get ready for MORE!

Every woman deserves

to live the life of her dreams

and is UNAPOLOGETIC about it!! 

 Young Woman Contemplating

You have come to the right place if you are...

  • in need of a new career or work that is aligned with what you love to do

  • wasting too much time in the dating world with dud dates

  • ready for REAL love with a soul mate

  • craving financial freedom to do the things you want to do in life

  • driven to take your business to the next levels with integrity and dignity

  • tired of being stuck in the same behaviour/pattern that keeps you going five steps forward and ten steps backwards

The time is here to take charge of your life and learn the skills to make things happen!

Confident Woman

Here you will feel safe, understood, and most importantly you will feel empowered to make lasting changes in your life.

So you can have the badass clarity  and confidence  to...

  • have more joy and passion in your work

  • attract the most spectacular romantic person to share your life with

  • enhance your communication and improve your relationship with your partner

  • be emotionally ready to love and be loved by a soul mate

  • achieve greater financial freedom

  • increase your business with integrity and dignity and clients come to you with ease

  • be so in love with yourself that you will attract more love and abundance to you.

Becoming a HACK YOUR HEART member will help you to:

  • re-establish your connection to that voice inside yourself;

  • understand what blocks are holding you back from moving forward;

  • understand how your mind works;

  • reconnect with your true passions;

  • create a life full of everything you WANT

This is HOW we will stay with you on your journey towards getting the results you want!


Simplify your thoughts, set the RIGHT goals and achieve more certainty by learning how to take decisive action and taking greater strides towards your goals. 

group coaching

Hot seat coaching, live Q&A to get clarity on current life issues, learn life strategies and stay motivated on your goals. This is where you will be seen, be heard and belong!

accelerated results

Clarity enhances decision making while learning how to evaluate results, be supported through life lessons and pivot towards goals.

live community

Our live community is a collective of empowered women who shares the passion of elevating one another. You can ask questions and receive answers all the time. This platform is meant to propel you towards your goals and dreams.



In my mission to elevate love consciously in the world, I am proud to collaborate with other incredible women making massive impact and this includes Catherine Ann Wilson's foundation Stop Traffickng US ( She has dedicated her life to educate the public that 1 in 5 children are sexually abused; that abuse of children is the precursor to sex trafficking, addictions, incarceration and more. Her vision is to stop the sexual abuse of children. 


 Let's work together to ensure every woman embodies her self worth and confidence while creatiing a more beautiful world and future for our children. Every purchase that is made, we donate 10% to Stop Trafficking US. We CAN make a difference, a dollar at a time, THANK YOU!