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Susan Hum


Stand in your own personal truth and fall deeply in love with who you are!

What Self Mastery is All About!

Susan Hum is a successful Master Coach based in Montreal who has lived many personal reinventions that took her to Hong Kong and Singapore. Three times in her life, she achieved financial success in an industry, and three times, she gave it all up to start from scratch, following her heart. And it paid off every single time. In 2016, she retired from corporate life to set up a thriving coaching practice, and in 2020, she founded the Steel Rose movement.

Obstacles are placed in our paths to teach us the lessons we need to reach our full potential and become what we are destined to be.

Susan Hum, The LoveHacker

Susan Hum is a love & life coach who helps people find love – love with themselves, love with everything around them, and deep love in a relationship. Susan has repeatedly made the impossible possible in her life, and through those experiences, she developed a tried-and-true formula to successfully take her clients through major life shifts very quickly. The first step of this formula? Fall in love with yourself!



Hack your heart to life success and...

  • Learn to stand in your own personal truth

  • Cut right through your self-limiting beliefs

  • Fall in love with what makes you YOU!

  • Overcome life’s greatest challenges with clarity and ease

  • Emerge with the inner strength to thrive in any environment

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