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I am an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you align with your true essence and who you most want to become. I give power to the imagination in a way that you will want to act accountable for your own life because here there are NO limitations. I am obsessed with truth and integrity and there is nothing I will tell you is true if I haven't done it myself like a boss!

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The Steel Rose Movement

Love yourself and what you do, and everyone else will too!

Susan Hum, also known as The LoveHacker, is a successful Master Coach Mentor based in Montreal who has lived many life makeovers that took her to Hong Kong and Singapore. Three times in her life, she achieved financial success in an industry, and three times, she gave it all up to start from scratch, following her heart. And it paid off every single time. In 2016, she retired from corporate life to set up a thriving coaching practice, and in 2020, she founded the Steel Rose movement. ​

Susan has repeatedly made the impossible possible in her life, and through those experiences, she developed a tried-and-true formula to successfully take her clients through major life shifts very quickly. The first step of this formula? Fall in love with yourself!

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What does it mean to be lovehacked??  When I hack your heart, something happens. It feels like magic but all it is is clarity!

Working with Susan got me to fall so deeply in love with myself that suddenly, before I knew it, the Universe just took over and delivered me love and an abundance of opportunities! My life took a 360 degree turn and I am now living the life of my dreams, happier and more fulfilled than ever before.

Crystal Robinson, Author/Speaker/Retired Basketball Legend

I had a conversation with Susan and what she said to me really made sense. Ask for what you want and make the list smaller. Without realizing it I had been lovehacked! I met an incredible man without a few days and after a month, we are still together. Brilliant!

Pinky G., CEO of Netwomen.co

Susan hacked my heart by showing me that the word "NO" is a single sentence and that standing in my truth and being comfortable with boundaries I would learn to value the most precious relationship of all - that with myself. I fell in love with me then opportunities started flowing my way!

Alexis M., Film Producer/Actress 

Susan knew I was ready for love. What was stopping the right kind of love from coming in? Lack of boundaries and discernment. She said to me, “discernment is being able to analyze a situation that your heart is involved in without the stories, without the feeling and emotion of it.” Before I knew it, I had been lovehacked. Transformational!

Karla Z., Hollywood Actress

I got hacked and then... I gained clarity about what is me and my truth and what is not. I learned that it is possible to be coached and feel free to express, not judged and feel completely safe. Clarity gave me the ability to make faster and better decisions for myself.

Dr. Victoria G.,  Psychotherapist

Being coached by Susan was my much needed kick in the bum. Not only did it jolt me into action but it lifted the fog that used to keep me in my head, stuck in the house and away from men. I thought I knew it all and could figure things out by myself. What really changed everything for me was implementing the idea of exploration. The best way for me to approach things was to take the first step, stay close to my core beliefs, expect wonderful new insights and simply watch my life unfold. Dating used to make me anxious but Susan helped me fine tune, find a balance, and now it is one of my biggest sources of inspiration and growth. I am not afraid to voice what it is that I want and people really dig that. 

Monique G., Writer/Photographer

Thank you Susan Hum for the beautiful difference you have made in my life. After getting lovehacked, I allowed in the most incredible relationship that I would have otherwise never considered. Your coaching challenged me to reexamine what I really wanted in a partner and when I had the clarity I so needed, the right partner showed up within a week. We've been together for over a year and he and I have enjoyed the most wonderful journey. I have joy in my heart and a beautiful ring on my finger - thank you, you are amazing!

Patti P., Business Coach  


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